In 2009, I began a style blog titled Bella Vogue (BV). BV centered on the growing & bustling fashion scene in Austin, TX. In 2014, after eloping to Alaska, I ceased updating BV, but the experience of creating and maintaining BV afforded me many wonderful opportunities, for fun and for paid work.

A few things have changed for me since I last seriously chronicled my adventures on the Internet, and many things have changed for the Internet itself:

I’m divorced, and I no longer directly work in the fashion industry.

In Austin and beyond, many bloggers I used to rub shoulders with have switched to podcasts or YouTube channels. Brands have stopped paying cash, instead relying on swag and exposure to entice creatives into posting content for free. There are many microinfluencers inundating our social media feeds, making it harder each day to tell reality from an advertisement.

My hope, in writing this and showcasing past work, is that I bridge the gaps between the past, present, and future, for fashion, Austin, and my career.

New decade, new blog, new logo.

Published by That Chelsea Girl

That Chelsea Girl, aka Chelsea Hands, lives, works, and plays deep in the heart of Texas. A 30-something that loves fashion, food, and music, when Chelsea isn't working, she can be found outside, hiking or swimming. In 2017, Chelsea founded Girls Who Hike ATX, an empowering collective for girls & women who hike public lands in and around Austin.

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